Learn  Patty's inspiring stories of how she smashed her way through obstacles piggybacking on her faith, family, art, sport, and a sense of humour. In 1950, with persuasive parents and courageous doctors, she underwent her first risky ground-breaking operation, leaving her with a road map of scarring inside. Patty was almost cut in half.

You will laugh, cry, and be amazed at how she decided to live life with gusto. She thrived in her active career, family, and life despite twenty-two operations and daily medical treatments. Her contagious spirit will leave you with positive hope and self- ownership. You may even say, “Bring It On!"

Radio Shows, Readings and Speaking Events      

  • Dec. 11th - CTV - Mike McCardell Interview The Last Word /speech at IFD lunchtime Inspirational/Q and A - Giving Back.
  • Richmond News - Interview - Straight-Talking Author - Patty O'Leary Emry.
  • Friday Jan. 23rd. Straight Talk Radio - Carly Alyssa Thorne.  Living life - Overcoming adversity.
  • ​​Wed. Feb.  13th - Canadian Authors Association- Reading - Patty Emry - Heaven on earth 
  • Friday Feb. 14th - I look forward to an interview on Relaunch Radio with Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang
  • April 17th and 18th - North Shore Writers Festival - West Vancouuver Library - Patty will be selling books along with many amazing authors.
  • May 9th 2015 The 30th Anniversary - Getting involved with Richmond  Center For Disability - Key Note Speaker - Patty Emry -  Invisible Illness Awareness Event
  • Every Wednesday 1 - 2 pm. Co-Op Radio  100.5 FM - It Takes A Sense Of Humour - with DaveThomson -To phone in call the Studio Line - 604-684-7561 We discuss with guests many areas of support with those will illnesses and disabilities.  We support those that advocate for them and offer updated evets in many areas of support. 
  • Jan.18th - Mental health/Life time surgeries and over coming stigmas.  Bell - Let's talk.  
  • Feb. 1st -/ Strokes - Navigating the confusing but supportive services/finances/ Occupational Theripist and Support Teams Patty's Wellness Blueprint -  Healthy Eating and Mental Health
  • Feb, 19th - Book Signing at Indigo - Granville ad Broadway (Vancouver)
  • March 1st - Patty's Wellness Blueprints - Senior - Domentia / Family
  • April 1st - Book Signing at Indigo - Park Royal West Vancouver
  • April 21st -Coles - Bental Center Vancouver
  • Oct. 28th  West Vancouver Library - Meet the Author - and readings 
  • Please rsvp to pattyemry@gmail.com / 604.813.7436. For more events go to pattyemry.com.

Her book is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Friesen Press. For a signed copy ask Patty- $25.00 taxes included.  In stores for sale at $26.95. at Chapters Kelowna/Indigo Park Royal /Coles Bental center/ Indigo - Willowbrook 

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Patty Emry  “Little Dynamo”
​Inspirational Speaker and Mentor

After life-threatening surgeries and
medical treatments Patty continued to cultivate a robust and outrageous approach

to life. She had to hide behind athletics, art, family, a sense of humour and self leadership to navigate through life because of the stigmas of her handicaps. Working as a Physical Education teacher, art  teacher, coach, and parent of three, her handicaps were a formidable challenge.

Come Join Patty Emry
to celebrate the book readings, radio conversations and key note speaking events ​​
Her Book
“It Takes A Sense Of Humour”
A twinless twin’s journey of loss, love, and triumph over hidden handicaps.