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On the day she was born in 1950 as one of two identical twins, Patty O’Leary Emry’s formidable challenges were only just beginning. The exhilaration of welcoming new life quickly gave way to desperation as doctors discovered that Patty had multiple congenital difficulties. With underdeveloped digestive, urinary tract, and reproductive systems, the prognosis was grim. When the hospital staff declared that the baby would die within a few days, her steadfast parents refused to give up hope, and they firmly insisted that Patty be given a fighting chance--after all, she deserved every chance at life. After ground-breaking operations, doctors were able to reconstruct the tiny infant’s digestive organs. It was a miracle that this premature baby survived such procedures, and before long, Patty’s tenacious spirit quickened and flourished. But tragedy struck the family again when Patty’s twin sister, Catherine, died only three months after birth. Despite the pain of becoming a “twinless twin,” and in the face of daily difficulties that many could consider discouraging, Patty rallied and cultivated a robust and outrageous approach to life that has seen her through over twenty-two surgeries in her lifetime. You, the reader, can also lay hold of the transformative power of laughter and positivity in every circumstance. So whether you’re sixteen or ninety-nine, throw off those shackles of self-doubt and despair, put on your dancing shoes, and do the funky chicken on the nearest tabletop--​because It Takes a Sense of Humour!
"Patty's book is an intriguing inspirational story of hope and motivation to anyone who on a daily basis must adapt their health and lifestyle to live and flourish."
Dr. O'Leary - Denver, Colorado

"I have known Patty Emry for over 30 years; she is a woman of faith, courage and determination! For most of this time I was not aware of Patty’s day-to-day struggles. This book is a realistic journey through her life and depicts how she turns her days and history into a thriving success. The medical descriptions are unflinching and vivid, giving the narrative a raw authenticity that is powerful and compelling. A must-read for anyone who faces similar challenges or for anyone that wants to know how to live with gusto!"
Lynette Jones RN – Vancouver, British Columbia

"Patty's determination to be successful in all aspects of her life has allowed her to overcome her physical challenges. She has taken what could have been a handicap and transformed it into her unique personality that has been able to remain optimistic despite adversity. She has been an inspiration to me and I am proud to call her my friend. My admiration extends to her husband and her family, who have supported her through the tough times and have enveloped Patty with their love."
Jan Martin – Physiotherapist – Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, British Columbia

"Before reading this book, I had thought I understood Patty's medical issues; now I have a much better appreciation of the incredible challenges she has faced and overcome! The fact that she has accomplished so much during her life and done so with such a positive attitude is testament to the power of the human spirit in the face of adversity. A must-read for anyone who is in need of inspiration."
​Peter Martin – Read the book – long-time friend, Vancouver, British Columbia

A twinless twin's journey of loss, love, and triumph over hidden handicaps by Patty O'Leary Emry

It Takes A Sense Of Humor