Key Note Speaker - Richmond Center for Disabilty

  • Inspirational  Topics -  "Caring for the Care Givers"

Inspirational Interactive Workshops: 

  • Parenting Top Athletes
  • Adult athletes - Sport Self Leadership -  Before/During and After competition
  • Athletes with Disabilities - Positive Coaching or competing with them​
  • Comeback to Wellness - THREE - Accept, Plan and Activate 


Radio Host / Facilitator - On "Soap Box Radio" we visit with people with special physical, mental challenges, their families and those that advocate for them. We announce non profit events for support and education coming up in the near future for care givers care and organizations who are out there to help. Two times a month "Soap Box Radio" offers Patty's Wellness Blueprints  at the end of the show. 

          Wednesday 1-2 on 100.5 FM ​     Co-op Radio 100.5 FM

Patty Emry

 Teacher/Successful Athletics Coach

Retired Nationally Certified Professional Ski Instructor - Canada/U.S.A.

Wellness Facilitator Coach/Radio Host

Myth Buster Inspirational Speaker/