​​​Is life pretty good? Or are there areas you can improve on? When you look closely at the personal, professional, spiritual, and emotional parts of your life, can you answer the question, "What is holding me back from meeting my daily challenges?"

Patty can help you find your answer by coming up with a custom road map for you or your group as you strive for personal or business goals. She will inspire a greater belief in yourself to help you focus on achieving your goals.

 Patty worked as a physical education teacher, coach, and mother of three. Her disabilities were a formidable challenge, both professionally and personally. As she navigated through life she often tried to hide her birth anomolies/disabilities because of the stigmas attached to them.

What we can learn from this retired Physical Education Teacher/Coach/Survivor


Most Popular - 90% Weight Management

1. 90% - The other 90% of tools and lifestyle changes to weight loss management.  The Balance Forward

Lifestyle Time Line PIE.  Two programs available 6 week or 12 Week Plus. Program to match your needs.  Choices and wanting a life with better health and self leadership\   

2.  Strut! Walk with confidence and a positive attitude. Three simple steps to create your own coping strategies.  Wellness Wheel - applying Strut to these areas.

Welless Wheel Areas



Wellness Pie - Areas for discussions with clients.

3.  Piggy backing to Self Leadership:- Are you feeling stuck at home and trapped in your body.  Together we will navigate and find your strengths and capitalizing on them. How can you be even better than you already are?

4.  Gaining a Positive Self Image: Overcoming adversity so you can have an active life, both professionally and socially.  Acceptance, Plan and Activation.

5. ATHLETES -  Parents and Coaches - Two topics - 1. Who is your team.   2. Self Leadership Before, During and  After competition.


FIRST - 90% Active Lifestyle Teacher

You and Patty will have a Discussion - At the end of interview you both will decide wheter you will work together.  That is right, Patty does not take clients who are not serious about self change.  If you both agree to move forward you will go thorugh the questions she needs to ask to really get to know your wants, obstacles and goals.  Most importantly what youWANT not just need to cognitively change and be a self leader in life, career, self image, organizational skills, time management, enabling situations and much more.

SECOND - Women Speaker Association - Premior Member (watch WSA

Women of Distinction and Impact)

As a speakerPatty will illustrate planned topics with some of her many short stories. She'll describe how she piggybacked on faith, family, sport, art, and a sense of humour to gain strength and support. Participants will gain the courage to fight adversity. They will leave Patty's presentation with an enlightened spirit.

What do I need to know? What do you need to know?

Before you book a talk, let's communicate.

My questions: Who will be there? What are their age groups? What are their needs?

What are your questions? What do you hope to gain from my presentation? Can I help you make the changes you desire? I want to make certain that our goals are the same and that you feel you got your money's worth.

How long do you want my presentation to be? It could be anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Do you want an interactive workshop? This could be a half-day or a full-day workshop.

After we have a meeting and questions are answered, I can plan a custom workshop for you.

My Motto: If you don't ask, you don't get. So--let's talk!

Contact me: pattyemry@gmail.com, 604.813.7436

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  Patty Emry  "Myth Buster" Speaker/ Balance Forward - Wellness Facililtator/ Life Coach 


Whether at a book club, office lunch room or conference, Patty's energy and survival stories will motivate you to blast through any obstacles and live life with gusto!

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